Oral History And You

The African American Methodist Heritage Center (AAMHC) is establishing an oral history library to recover and preserve the stories of African American lay and clergy Methodists who were active beyond the local church during the period of the Central Jurisdiction and its subsequent merger with the geographical jurisdictions.

We stand on the shoulders of those men, women and youth who worked during that era. We are the heirs of their perseverance, ingenuity, strategies, commitment and faith.

AAMHC needs from you information about those leaders such as conference staff, district superintendents, general agency staff and members, youth staff, etc. because we want to interview them while they are willing and able to share their perspectives. These “founts of wisdom” are in each jurisdiction and probably in each annual conference.

Remember, when an elder passes, a library perishes. Please contact Carol Travis, Executive Assistant, and provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of persons who should be included in this collection of information. You may reach Carol at the telephone number and e-mail address below.

Share your legacy with the United Methodist Church through
The African American Methodist Heritage Center
36 Madison Avenue • PO Box 127 • Madison, NJ 07940 (973) 408-3862

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